Welcome to Kathleen Roberts Hypnotherapy

KrobI can’t change your life … but YOU can.

And if you’re looking at this page, you probably do want to change your life in some way…so why not let me help?

I’m a trained and fully-qualified hypnotherapist registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

Hypnotherapy is a ‘talking therapy’ and uses relaxation to enable people to have access to their unconscious minds, so that it is possible to help them to make beneficial changes. People have found it to be successful with a wide, and sometimes surprising, range of issues.

Like every therapy, it doesn’t work for everyone. In the case of hypnotherapy, you are effecting the changes yourself, within your own subconscious mind, so you have to be motivated to get real and lasting results.

The areas where I can offer you help include the following:

I also offer therapy for smoking cessation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), insomnia, exam performance, driving test nerves, public speaking and sports performance.

If you have any issues that aren’t mentioned above, I still may be able to help you.

Other people have found hypnotherapy very helpful and have provided comments as testimonials.

An initial consultation is free, so why not EMAIL me to arrange a chat?


Disclaimer: please note that results, as for any other therapy, will vary from person to person.