The past year has been an anxious and stressful time. It’s also been a lonely one for many people since Covid-19 struck our communities. Hopefully we are emerging from the worst of the pandemic now, so cautious optimism is justified – as long as we take it carefully.

I’m taking new face to face bookings, and the damaging effects of the past year are clearly apparent from the conversations I’m having with clients. Emotional exhaustion and burnout, grief, the fallout from relationships broken or damaged by unbearable strain, guilt at being unable to see loved ones during illness, or being able to say goodbye as they died – these are just a few of the issues raised, and there are many more. Some people have been undoubtedly traumatised by what has happened to them since the virus struck and are finding it very difficult to cope.

On top of this is the worry employees have about their job security, and for self-employed people, a questionmark as to the viability of their businesses.

For those of us who have been affected the most, it’s not been just a double or even a triple whammy – it’s been an assault on every aspect of our lives.

And still we need to be careful, and remember that the precautions we have taken against the virus should not be jettisoned until we can be sure it is safe to do so.

So if you are thinking of getting in touch and feel that you are only comfortable with face to face contact, you can be confident that my therapy room is as Covid-safe as possible. I’m still happy to work with clients via telephone or Zoom sessions as well. And initial consultations are free, as usual, and completely confidential.

There is light at the end of the tunnel – and I hope that I can help to brighten it for those of you who use my help.