Fears & Phobias

Fears & Phobias

Fears and phobias can make our lives a misery. It is very common for people to develop phobias and many of us live with these throughout our lives, simply coping with them and managing to function despite the inconvenience they cause. But sometimes we need to address them – either because they are causing a disruption to our working or personal lives (or both) or because they have become too much of a nuisance to ignore.

Some practitioners believe that a phobia can only be alleviated or eradicated by discovering its origin. I do not subscribe to that belief, and I think that even if it is impossible to pinpoint the original cause of the phobia, the symptoms of it can be addressed.

For example, Anna has a fear of spiders which has become so bad that she cannot go downstairs if there is a very small spider on the bottom step.  She has developed an associated anxiety so that when she wakes up in the morning, she is thinking about where and when she might encounter a spider during the course of the day. This is making her life miserable.

She has no idea when her phobia originated, nor why. She says from the outset that she does not want to explore this in great depth in case it leads to other problems, but she wants to be able to function normally if there is a spider in the room.

Anna wants to stop feeling this crippling fear and anxiety. My priority is to help her to overcome her fear and stop the feelings of anxiety or at least minimise them.

There are hundreds of different phobias and many are much more common than people assume – because often we don’t talk about them.  Sometimes people can develop multiple phobias and then long-term anxiety or stress become issues in their own right.

If you need help in dealing with a phobia, I offer a free initial consultation where we can discuss the issue in confidence.

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