How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy explained

So how does hypnotherapy work? In your day to day life, you operate by using your conscious mind. But your unconscious mind is still active behind the scenes. And it is there that you store an enormous amount of information and memories, as well as emotions.

Unwanted habits, phobias and a whole range of other issues find a home in the unconscious – and hypnotherapy is a way of communicating with it so that it can be possible to effect a change.

Hypnotherapists use relaxation techniques to help clients access parts of their unconscious to work on these issues, ‘reprogramming’ habits, overturning misconceptions and allaying anxieties, and this has the potential to make their lives easier and more rewarding.

Like all other therapies, it works better for some than others.  It is a ‘talking therapy’ and relies to a large extent on the motivation of the client, so it is crucial that you must really want to achieve the stated result, as your success will depend heavily on this factor.