Anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stressModern life is a stressful business. More people than ever now feel anxious on a day to day basis.

But this neededn’t be the case – there is expert help available.

Stress and anxiety can cause sleep deprivation if we are worrying and reacting to stressors. In short, for some of us, stress and anxiety can become constant companions.

Even small tasks can then become stressful – for example, trying to pay a bill by phone using an automated system or use a new piece of electronic equipment with minimal instructions.

Stress is a natural reaction to danger or a threat – creating a “fight or flight reaction” that harks back to our distant past. But it is intended to be a rare or at worst, irregular experience.  The physical and emotional effects of stress are now known to be harmful when these are experienced frequently or regularly.

Understanding how we are affected by stress and its close relation, anxiety, is key to the way that we can learn to deal with it.

Knowledge is power. Once we have knowledge and understanding, we can begin to assert control.

My approach to dealing with stress and anxiety is based upon helping you to understanding your reactions to it, so that you can consciously manage your reaction to stressors. Then I can help you to assert control over your life and effect improvements.  This method is effective whether your stress is work-related or the result of your personal life.

Some people suffer from generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) which may have developed in early life. They need to actively learn to let go of these feelings, which may have been with them for as long as they remember, growing ever worse.

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