Pain management

painHypnotherapy and visualisation techniques have been shown to be effective for many people as a means of controlling chronic pain.

The effectiveness of hypnosis in pain control is not a recent discovery – in the past, hypnosis was sometimes used as a form of anaesthetic during operations, when no chemical means of inducing unconsciousness was available.

A meta-analysis (a study of studies) in 2000 of 18 published studies by psychologists Guy Montgomery, PhD, Katherine DuHamel, PhD, and William Redd, PhD, showed that 75% of clinical and experimental participants with different types of pain obtained substantial pain relief from hypnotic techniques.

More recently still, the One Show’s Michael Moseley was hypnotised by Stewart Derbyshire, of Birmingham University, in a demonstration of the effectiveness of hypnosis in managing pain.

Hypnotherapy for pain management, like every other therapy, is not universally successful, and some people derive more benefit than others. But for many people troubled by chronic pain it can provide at least a measure of relief.

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