Happy customer picture for testimonials page

These testimonials were all submitted freely by customers who came to me for help; though, obviously, their identities are not disclosed as this would be a breach of client confidentiality. Please note that people experience differing levels of benefit and that results, as for any other therapy, will vary from person to person.


Ms PF:

“When I first met Kathleen my OCD had reached uncontrollable depths, the stress and anxiety I felt became unbearable, causing me many sleepless nights and this was having an overall negative effect on my work and home life…after each session I immediately felt uplifted and that I had cleared my mind of all the stress that had been building up….I now have a fresh outlook and I am finally able to sleep. Kathleen has helped me so much that I cannot thank her enough.”


Ms JT:

“The hypnotherapy practitioner had a thorough knowledge of the subject and puts you at ease. Her manner was very calming and professional and there was plenty of time at each session for your concerns to be listened to and fully addressed.”