Low Self-Esteem

Low Self-Esteem

Some people just exude confidence and have an absolute certainty about their own worth.

But many of us don’t feel that way.

At one end of the confidence spectrum, a slight lack of self-esteem can be a niggling worry – but at the other extreme, it can create a crippling state of paralysis, so that every decision or personal interaction results in anxiety.

A lack of self-esteem in the workplace can result in indecision, fear and ultimately a loss of job satisfaction, or even depression.

For many of us, this begins in childhood and early life. It may have grown from a chance remark made by an adult such as a parent or teacher, or from a perceived failure to achieve what was expected of us.

This perception can be challenged and reframed so that it is possible to see yourself as you really are – or the person that you could be if you let yourself.

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