Stress is a natural part of life – and the ‘fight or flight’ reaction to it was designed to save us when danger threatened. Once upon a time this might have been from a sabre-toothed tiger. But now it’s more likely to be a bullying boss, an impossible workload, a failing relationship or any number of aspects of modern life that we feel puts us under pressure. If we deal with it in a way that minimises the damage if can do, we can manage the stress in our lives. But the real danger occurs when we feel we can no longer cope with it.

When we experience stress over a long period of time, it has harmful effects on our bodies as well as our emotions. It can cause anxiety or panic attacks, and we know that it affects our immune systems adversely.

If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. Stress was the theme for Mental Health Awareness week in 2018 and the Health and Safety Executive’s 2018 report on work-related stress, depression or anxiety states that 15.4 million days were lost in 2017/18 due to these conditions. Most employees don’t seek external help until they feel they can no longer function – and then they go off sick.

These are only the statistics for workers: unemployed people, the retired, carers and those looking after children also suffer from stress. This is the tip of a very painful iceberg though, as many people simply suffer in silence and then become physically ill with other conditions.

I may not be able to help you to remove the stressors from your life. But I can help you to deal with stress more effectively and help you find ways of countering it and avoiding engaging with it.

If you’re suffering from stress, and you’ve decided that now is the time to do something about it, email me to arrange a free consultation.